HD Allison Trans Pan

PPE’s Heavy Duty Aluminum Transmission Pan

Today’s GM diesel pickups deliver amazing power, durability and performance.

One way to ensure long-term durability and continued performance in severe service applications is keeping the transmission well lubricated and cool.

PPE Diesel’s new DEEP Pan for 2001-2014 Allison 1000-2400 Series transmissions does just that.

It holds an additional four quarts of precious fluid (over stock).

The DEEP pan also features large 7/8-inch cooling fins and internal heat sink that reduce transmission operating temperatures up to 40 degrees.

PPE’s DEEP pan is also fitted with a high-power Neodymium magnet SS drain plug that will help pull and hold metal particles from the trans fluid.  

Cast from aluminum alloy right here in the USA! 

Contact:  www.ppediesel.com; 714.985.4825