Drop-In Dual Liner

Dual Liner: New 5-piece custom-fit bed liner system

In many ways the Dual Liner has become exactly what other bed liners have lacked.

Most bed liners available today either require or cause you to damage the finish of your truck, which seems like the exact opposite of what a bed liner should do!  

The Dual Liner’s exact fit polyethylene panels fallow the contour of your truck’s bed precisely so dirt and debris will not collect behind the bed liner and this also prevents chaffing because the panels do not move back and forth or side to side.

The Dual Liner also keeps cargo from sliding around by using a 3/8ths inch thick “Zero Skid” floor mat that inter locks into the sidewall pieces, which gives total protection of the sidewalls as well as the floor of your trucks bed.

 The Dual Liner’s four-step installation is easy and usually takes 30 minutes or less (by a novice), start to finish.  

Dual Liner is the premium custom-fit bed protection system and it is backed by a Real Lifetime Warranty (covering commercial uses), unmatched in the industry. 

 Check them out at www.dualliner.com or call 800-992-1949.