Reader's Ride

By Bruce W. Smith



 When Patrick R. Meyer rolls up to businesses or upscale homes in Appleton, WI, his clients know PR-Fect Lawn Services take a lot of pride in their work just by looking at the pickup pulling the equipment trailer.

“As you can see we do it ‘old school’,” says Meyer. “This is our everyday 1976 Chevrolet Scottsdale C-20. It has the original 350 V-8 in front of the original Turbo 400 tranny. She’s got 156K on the clock now with little more than a quick valve job, and a replacement carburetor to keep it PR-Fect.”

Meyer and company maximized storage with a home-built bed rack and storage basket, a UWS cross-over truck box with a matching UWS truck bed tool box with drawers, and a behind-the-seat Dee-Zee cab organizer.

The classic Chevy’s bed is lined with Herculiner to keep things from slipping around and prevent the bed from rusting, notes Meyer.

The Scottsdale also runs on 1-ton rear leaf springs, and it’s had a Draw-Tite hitch added to pull PR-Fect’s trailers.

Meyer says they get OEM replacement parts from Brothers Trucks.Com and Classic Parts Truck Parts of America.

That’s also where they get parts for the company’s “winter service” truck – a ‘78 Chevrolet C-20.

But PR-Fect Lawn Services ( fleet isn’t all old iron according to Meyer: “We also have one of those 2008 Chevy Silverados, for Sunday fancy go-to-meeting trucks.”




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