Kicker SoundGate

Kicker Audio Upgrade 

SoundGate “PowerStage” kit installed on Project Big Red; subwoofer system designed to boost performance of factory pickup stereo systems


By Bruce W. Smith/Photo: Tom Jackson

It’s called the Kicker SoundGate

It’s a new subwoofer system designed specifically to improve the performance of the OE audio systems in full-size pickups.

The cool factor for those who like to listen to their tunes is Kicker “tunes” the plug-and-play system differently depending on the make, model and year of the truck.

SoundGate offers two upgrade kits:  the PowerStage and the SubStage.

Each kit provides an upgrade solution for prosumers who seek high-end sound created specifically for their vehicle, but installed quickly with little modification. 

SubStage Upgrade ($700) includes a loaded subwoofer enclosure, 200-watt integrated amplifier, wiring kit and mounting brackets.

The enclosure contains a 10-inch subwoofer for significant bass response.

The PowerStage Upgrade ($1,250) includes the SubStage Upgrade, plus multi-channel DSP amplifier for factory speakers, wiring kit and mounting brackets.

In the case of a Crew Cab GMC pickup like our 2009 Sierra 3500HD, Kicker’s Crew Cab PowerStage kit, which is enclosed in a molded unit, resides under the passenger’s side rear seat.

The enclosure is molded to fit the floor for a perfect fit and sound reproduction.

Special features:

  • No cutting, mounting directly to factory locations
  • Cosmetically, original factory look
  • Computer-optimized, 32-bit digital signal processing tuned specifically for your vehicle
  • Minimum impact on your vehicle’s charging system
  • 2-year warranty (parts and labor) when installed by an Authorized KICKER Dealer

We had the Kicker audio experts at West Coast Customs (205-345-0236) in Tuscaloosa, AL, install our kit. It took them less than an hour.

The improvement in the OE stereo is greatly improved. The bass, of course, if dramatic, and the mid- and high-range tones far more prevalent.

Crank up the stereo now and the does and windows rattle. The Kicker upgrade will do just fine on those long, boring road trips.