Grab Handle Install

Grab Handle Install 

Buyers Products’ 10-minute fix brings added safety to  service bodies and box trailers

by Bruce W. Smith 

It’s a no-brainer, really.

Having something to grab onto while you hoist yourself up into or down from a service body or box trailer adds a level of safety and convenience.

Working around jobsites is dangerous enough without having to worry about a slip-and-fall, or spraining a back or ankle because of one losing their balance at a crucial moment trying to get in or out of the back of the truck.

We didn’t want that happening to anyone getting in and out of  Big Red’s bed-mounted Fleetwest service body.

So we installed a couple grab handles from Buyer’s Products.

The 9-inch handles are poly-coated steel, so they will not easily bend or break, and the rubber coating provides a good grip even when wet.

The upgrade took all of 10-minutes–and that was with a coffee break. 

Now getting in and out of the back of Big Red is safe and convenient. — Pro