Buying Pickup Insurance

Photo by Larry Walton/Editorial Services West

Insuring Company Pickups

Year-end is the time to shop around for better insurance rates and coverage


Whether you drive a new state-of-the-art pickup or a battered old workhorse, you need to ensure that you are safe and legal. That means ensuring you have the right insurance for those pickups in your fleet.

Finding good truck insurance can be difficult, and with premiums on the increase now is the best time to shop around.

Check out the following points before renewing you pickup’s insurance, so your quotes don’t skyrocket.

  • Educated drivers â€“ The more informed and skilled your drivers, the more likely they will avoid accidents. Bringing in instructors or having your drivers attend special pickup driving schools can help reduce insurance premiums. 
  • Watch for speeders – Speeding tickets may seem like an inevitable part of trying to get to that next job on time, but they leave a mark on the company driving record which will, in turn, affect the corporate insurance premium.
  • Helpful credit score– Insurance companies are beginning to equate low credit scores with poor driving. Whether there is any link is open to question, but, for the sake of your corporate premium, keep those late payments to a minimum.
  • Using multiple drivers– Having multiple drivers may help split the company work load and get employees a well deserved break. But if alternative drivers have a poor driving record they could be pushing up the price of your insurance premium as well as shortening the life of your precious pickups.