VA Switching 15,000 Vehicles to CNG/Propane

Virginia Goes Big On Clean Fuels 

Roush CleanTech and Alliance AutoGas partners in 15,000 fleet vehicle switch

Last week marked a huge milestone in the alternative fuel industry.

The State of Virginia announced its plan to switch all 15,000 state fleet vehicles to operate on either propane autogas or compressed natural gas, according to  

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his administration chose two proposals to execute his plan. 

According to the latest Roush CleanTech newsletter, Roush CleanTech and Alliance AutoGas‘ partnership was chosen to provide a complete propane autogas solution for many of the vehicles.

Other states are beginning to take notice of Virginia’s commitment to alternative fuels.

West Virginia, a member of the 21 state Memorandum of Understanding to incorporate compressed natural gas vehicles to their state fleets, has already amended their regulations to include propane autogas as an acceptable alternative fuel for their school buses.

“These are examples of strong leadership that will help states create new clean technology jobs, significantly reduce operating costs, reduce harmful emissions, and utilize a domestic energy source, says Todd Mouw, Roush VP of sales and marketing.

The infrastructure to supply the growing demand for these alternative fuels is also getting a boost.

On the CNG side, Clean Energy Fuels Corp. will develop six or more new natural gas refueling stations in the state according to a recent article by Michael Bates in NGTNews.

The article says “Alliance AutoGas has been contracted to build at least seven refueling facilities. Additional CNG and autogas refueling infrastructure will be developed based on demand.

The first and most significant customer for these stations is intended to be Virginia itself – via its own fleet conversions to CNG and autogas – but municipalities, businesses and consumers will all be able to access the facilities.”

Clean Energy also plans to build CNG fueling stations and provide CNG vehicle conversions for Commonwealth and local Virginia governments that want to take advantage of the benefits of natural gas as a transportation fuel.

“Not only is this good for the government and the environment, but ultimately it will be good for consumers and the economy as well,” said Governor McDonnell, in a article from the same event.

“The infrastructure created through this effort will be available to fuel passenger vehicles and other commercial fleets. Through this innovative public-private partnership we enter today, the Commonwealth, industry leaders and innovators can work collaboratively to move state government and private industry away from vehicles fueled by gasoline and diesel fuel and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.”

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