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Sigvaris’ Merino Outdoor Wool Socks

New sock designed to improve circulation and energy levels for those active in the outdoors

Tired, sore feet and aching legs are common maladies with many who work long days in the construction and contracting trades.

So why not take the same route many outdoor enthusiasts and runners do when it comes to sock selection?

The Sigvaris Merino Outdoor Wool Socks provide “True Graduated Compression.”

The sock is tightest at the ankle and decreases in pressure going up the leg to help improve circulation and increase energy levels, while helping to prevent delayed onset leg muscle soreness.

Constructed with Australian Merino Wool, Sigvaris’ newest sports socks are soft, comfortable and itch-free. 

They feature a cushioned padded sole to keep feet blister free, moisture-wicking properties to keep feet dry and prevent hypothermia, and mesh flex-zones to provide ventilation.

 The launch of Merino Outdoor Wool Socks marks the latest addition to the company’s commitment of providing graduated compression technology to active individuals worldwide.

When blood is properly circulated, it provides much-needed oxygen and nutrients to tired muscles that have been, or are being, deprived during a workout.

Unlike the Sigvaris sports products, many compression socks and sleeves do not feature “True Graduated Compression.”

In the United States, SIGVARIS Sports products are rapidly gaining popularity among runners, athletes, and triathletes. To learn more about our sports line, visit: or on facebook at: