GearWrench 120XP

120XP Ratchets Designed For Use In Tight Spaces

GearWrench’s 120XP™ Ratchet is the only ratchet that features 120 positions for every full rotation, allowing it to turn fasteners with a swing arc of as little as three degrees.

The Double-Stacked Pawl™ technology provides an ultra-narrow swing arc allowing users to reach fasteners in severely limited access applications, while still delivering the strength and durability that have become synonymous with all GearWrench tools.

The 120XP ratchet has a 60-tooth gear that alternately engages the double-stacked pawls to produce the 120 positions and three-degree swing arc.

The 120XP ratchet’s long handle is ergonomically designed to provide comfort and a good grip for users. It has an easy-to-clean, full polish chrome finish and comes in three drive sizes: 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″. T

GearWrench’s 120XP ratchets are sold separately and come in select SAE/Metric standard/deep socket sets.