Detroit Truetrac Locker


GET A GRIP: Heavy-Duty Traction For GM Pickups

Upgrade or replace that factory G80 Limited-Slip in 3/4- & 1-ton GM Pickups with the Eaton Detroit Truetrac

Work trucks, farm trucks, tow vehicles even drag trucks can finally get their power to the ground with the popular Eaton Detroit Truetrac performance differential.

Eaton’s new 30-spline Detroit Truetrac will fit the GM 14-bolt 10.5” axle. (GM 14-bolt, AAM 10.5” rear axle, 30-spline, is stock in 1972-2010 GM 20/2500.)

Sporting a steel case and a design that has been proven in race cars, medium duty trucks and even military vehicles Truetrac is the perfect on-road traction solution.

This best in class helical gear design provides quiet and smooth operation while automatically transferring torque to the wheel with the best traction.

Eaton’s Detroit Truetrac has no clutches or cones to wear out and never needs maintenance.

Eaton Detroit Truetrac benefits:

  • Automatic torque bias
  •  Lifetime bias retention – no wearable parts
  •  Smooth and quiet operation
  •  Steel case for maximum durability
  •  Maintenance free
  •  Fits rear, 30 spline axle
  •  2 versions 4:10 & down / 4:56 & up