Built-to-Order Super Singles


Custom built to order in seven days

MIAMI, Fla. – Leading custom-built wheel manufacturer American Force Wheels Inc. is proud to present a large new selection of customized Super Single wheel designs. American Force’s 8 lug Super Single wheels are manufactured with the high-quality workmanship you’ve come to expect and are custom built to order in seven days.

Made of high-grade 6061 aluminum, American Force’s forged wheels feature a mirror finish with the option of powder coating in your choice of colors. Enthusiasts can select from unique designs like the Texas-themed wheel or further showcase their personality by customizing their own design and finish.

“Whether you’re a project truck builder or a truck enthusiast, we can design the Super Single wheels that help you make the innovative statement you envision,” said General Manager Robert Martell. “All our custom wheels have a bold, eye-catching look and are manufactured using state-of-the-art forging processes to ensure superior quality and long life.”

Take your pick from a broad selection of Super Single wheel fitments, which now include a 14-inch width, as well as 10- and 12-inch widths. As always, American Force offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

The new custom-built Super Single wheel is available in the following sizes:
* 20″X10″ – 25 ET, 4.5″ Backspacing, Lip 5″
* 20″X12″ – 40 ET, 5″ Backspacing, Lip 7.5″
* 20″X14″ – 73 ET, 5″ Backspacing, Lip 9.5″
* 22″X10″ – 25 ET, 4.5″ Backspacing, Lip 5″
* 22″X12″ – 40 ET, 5″ Backspacing, Lip 7.5″
* 22″X14″ – 73 ET, 5″ Backspacing, Lip 9.5″
* 24″X12″ – 40 ET, 5″ Backspacing, Lip 7.5″
* 24″X14″ – 73 ET, 5″ Backspacing, Lip 9.5″

Since 2003, American Force Wheels, Inc. has been using the latest technologies and finest materials to manufacture custom aftermarket wheels for truck enthusiasts. With a reputation for creating radical wheel designs that deliver real-world functionality, American Force develops innovative products for custom truck owners. American Force, a Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) and Wheel & Tire Council (WTC) member company, offers a lifetime warranty on its wheels against manufacturing defects. For more information, write to 12027 SW 114 Pl. Miami, FL 33176; call 786.345.6301 or 800.620.6259; email [email protected]; or visit www.americanforcewheels.com.