Miller's Multimatic 200

Miller’s Multimatic 200

Weld anything anywhere with this new welding system

If you work in construction and do a lot repairs and upfits on your trucks, you’re probably fluent in several different welding applications.

Of course this can get complex, and if your shop is like most you may have several welders to handle different materials and processes.

If that’s the case, then Miller’s new Multimatic 200 was designed for you.

This all-in-one portable welding system offers MIG, stick and TIG welding processes, in a single, compact machine.

And rather than leave you with a head scratching set of different settings to figure out, the Multimatic 200 Autoset Elite feature makes  easy to set and fine tune weld parameters for material type and thickness. Just dial in the job parameters and go.

According to Ben Romenesko, product manager, stick and self-shielded flux cored welding is used regularly in the field for equipment repairs and the Multimatic 200 has enough heat input and deposition capacity for these heavy duty structural repairs.

But it also enables you to weld more delicate finishing touches on  visual elements such as stainless steel staircases and handrails using TIG welding and weld thinner material such as ducting and HVAC work.

The unit weighs just 29 pounds and is encased in an impact resistant polycarbonate case.

For power you can plug it into 120- or 230-volt receptacles thanks to Miller’s MVP multi-voltage plug. Adding the company’s Spoolmate 100 direct-connect spool gun enables you to weld aluminum up to 1/4-inch thick. Miller lists the price at $2,300.