S&B Cold-air Intake Install


Project Bedrock: Cold-Air Intake Install

S&B Filter’s new intake kit adds a little more pep to our 2011 GMC Sierra 1500 4×4; 39% more air flow and reusable filter a win-win combination

by Bruce W. Smith

We are a power-hungry lot. Exhaust upgrades, engine mods, synthetic lubricants, and a host of other aftermarket products are all added to our pickups in hopes of making them just a little stronger than they were stock.

I’m no different when it comes to my own truck, Project Bedrock.

This 2011 GMC Sierra Crew Cab 4×4’s 5.3L is no slouch. But I like to think the right upgrades can make it run and sound a little stronger. 

To that end I’ve upgraded it with a Corsa’s Commercial performance cat-back exhaust and an Airaid Poweraid throttle-body spacer on the other tend.  Both have made a difference. 

Now it’s time to address the air intake. 

S&B Filters new cold-air intake (#75-5059; $299) for the 5.3L is said to flow 39% more air than the OE system, while maximizing the  inflow of outside (cooler) air. The cold-air intake will be a great complement to the air flow in and out of the GM SB.

S&B Cold-air intake system (lower) improves air flow by 39 percent and complements the throttle body spacer and cat-back exhaust on Project Bedrock.

Their filter is also better than OE in efficiency, stopping 99% of the particulates, which should be a big deal for contractors who subject their pickups to the worst driving conditions.

Part of the airflow improvement comes from eliminating the noise baffle found in the OE intake plenum. 

Under normal driving conditions you’ll not even notice a change has been made. 

But under full throttle the truck is going to be louder both inside and out. (Consider this the sound of performance at work.)

Installation is very easy, and S&B Filters has one of the best instruction sheets around, complete with color pictures and thorough coverage of each step.

A couple screwdrivers, a 9/16″ wrench and 5/16″ nut driver are all the tools needed. It takes less than an hour to make the switch. 

The images in the gallery below show the steps. Like I said, an easy upgrade that provides form with function. –Pro