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ProPickup Mobile Smart

New web feature makes it easy to view ProPickup on your Smartphone or other mobile device

Want a faster way to keep up with the latest news, hot topics, how-to articles and new products on ProPickup magazine’s website?

If you have a mobile device, such as a smartphone or iPad, viewing  is as simple as going to

The website now automatically recognizes smartphone access and opens up the mobile version for fast, easy reading and navigation.

 â€śOur web support team has the website setup so anyone who wants to view the website on their mobile device can do it easy now,” says Michael Newman, the Director of Interactive Marketing for Randall-Reilly’s Construction Media Division.

“The site knows that they are on a mobile device and serves up a mobile version. It’s fast and does’t require any input from the user,” says Newman.

“Viewers do have the option on the bottom of each page to toggle back to the full version if they want.”

Check us out the next time you are out on the jobsite. We think you’ll be happy with the results.