Wash Time at the Expo

Wash time at the Expo

Big Red gets its first wash after being on the road for more than 1,200 miles. It came from the NTPA championship in Ohio to Dallas. 

This is the first stop coming in to the ProPickup Expo display area inside the Dallas Convention Center.

A local company sets up their mobile truck wash and blasts the daylights out of the trucks coming into GATS and the ProPickup Truck Expo with a pressure washer followed by (ugh!) brushes. 

Probably fine for big rigs, but definitely not the ideal way to clean your pickup.

Unfortunately we didn’t have enough clean towels and a wash bucket to get the road skum off on our own.

But it cleaned up well thanks to help from Thomas Ferguson (our 2010 sweepstakes winner who brought the Big Boss in from his home in Knoxville, TN) and his co-driver, Justin Good.

If you are in Dallas his week, stop by the ProPickup Truck Expo and check out Big Red, the Big Boss and Project Bedrock.

This pickup, with it’s service body, is impressive up close! — Bruce Smith / Editor