Big Red in Dallas

Dallas ProPickup Expo

August 20

This truck is one fine ride. Made it here to the Omni Hotel by the Dallas Convention Center on one tank of fuel–513 miles from our Tuscaloosa offices.

Guess having the 56-gallon Transfer Flow replacement fuel tank helps. Nearly doubles the GMC’s stock fuel capacity. 

Awesome truck. Truck Supply & Outfitters did wonderful job up fitting it.

By far the best driving sweepstakes truck we’ve built. Turns heads everywhere.

Will be moving it in to the show around noon today. Then it’s cleaning time–and with all this red and the Fleetwest service body on it, cleaning is going to take a few hours.

It was still dirty from the trip back from the NTPA nationals in Ohio. Jimmy Hardy parked it around midnight and I jumped in first thing yesterday morning for this trip. 

Big Red should be  hit with the contractors and truckers at our Expo this week. — Stephen Abernathy, ProPickup Director of Sales