Welcome to Dallas

Bedrock in Dallas

August 20

Trip Miles: 570

After driving hours in torrential rain from summer thunderstorms, I have really come to appreciate Project Bedrock.

The first frog choaker started just before Hammond, Louisiana, on I-10 and from then on to Shreveport. At times I could barely see 50 feet.

A couple times the rain was so heavy I had to turn on the Buyer’s LED Mini Light Bar just so idiots in a hurry behind me were aware a vehicle was ahead of them.

(I saw one car a short time later that had hydroplaned right off the freeway and into the mud/deep grass of the median.) 

Fortunately my GMC Sierra has auto 4WD and Nitto Trail Grappler M/Ts  on it for the Dallas ProPickup Truck Expo, so traction in the standing water wasn’t an issue.  

Speaking of Dallas, I’m sitting here in my room at the Omni while Bedrock is parked in the hotel’s garage. Will be moving it later this morning into the Convention Center.

Lots to clean on the truck. Check it out at the Expo this week if you’re in town. — Bruce Smith / Editor