Diablo Sport Tune

Bedrock Gets Diablo Sport Tune

August 18

Just used the new Diablo Sport inTune i-1000 to load a “MPG Booster” program into Bedrock’s 5.3L.  

Headed to Dallas later today, so I’m hoping I’ll see a mileage gain during the 600 mile trip. 

Never used Diablo before. So this should be a good test. 

Loading their tunes (programs) is much faster than I’ve seen with other downloaders I’ve tried in the past. 

The programmer itself is really small–like a little cellphone. Touch screen could be a bit bigger for fat fingers; you aren’t always sure if the command or input pressed took.

But it says all is well and the MPG Boost program is loaded.

Guess I’ll see when I roll into Dallas for the ProPickup Truck Expo. — Bruce Smith/Editor