2013 Tow Rating Standards on Hold

Ford Stalls On New Tow Ratings; Pushes Back on SAE J2807 Testing Standards

(Excerpt Courtesy of Pickuptrucks.com/Mark Williams)

For years, truck makers have used a wide variety of testing procedures that, in some cases, were used only to allow them to market the biggest and baddest number for advertising purposes.

With quite a bit of guidance from the Society of Automotive Engineers committe chair and representation from all the important players, the J2807 towing standards and practices (for vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating up to 13,000 pounds) were, as we understood it, discussed, agreed upon, and released.

Now the only hurdle is to figure out how and when each manufacturer will implement the standards. 

As we understood the process, the committee, made up of representatives from both auto and trailering industries, agreed to begin using the J2807 test procedures for 2013 model-year vehicles….READ MORE