Future Bright For Pickup Sales


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Truck sales are expected to rebound for the next several years, several analysts say, as aging pickup fleets need to be replaced and the residential and commercial real estate markets build momentum.

This should bode well for the Detroit Three truck makers, which have a ready supply of high-profit pickup trucks just waiting to replace some of the oldest average-vehicle-age work trucks that the trade-in market has seen in decades. 

According to Automotive News, dealers are looking forward to the day when the more expensive full-size pickup trucks play a bigger role in their sales mix, as more small-car sales (and their smaller profit margins) become more popular.

And if what some experts are seeing in the sales numbers for the first half of 2012 continue, pickup truck sales could be back up to pre-recession levels by the end of the year.

However, those same experts note we’re not likely to ever see the huge pickup sales numbers we saw around 2000…

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