Dual 11 inch fans for big blocks


More cooling and better fuel efficiency for big block applications

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Mach Two Series Dual 11-inch Fan (part # MM22K) from Maradyne High Performance Fans is available to provide increased horsepower, more cooling and better fuel efficiency for big block applications.

A straight-blade puller fan, the Mach Two Series uses two 225 watt motors and wide paddle blades for maximum airflow of 2,760 cubic feet per minute (CFM) with a 22.0 amp draw. Mach Two fans measure 23.5″ wide by 15.75″ high and have a slim profile of 3.80″ deep, allowing them to fit many aftermarket radiators whose core is 24″ wide, including most Chevrolet Tri-5 applications.

“One of the main design benefits of our Mach Two Series fans is that we have molded in the mounting flanges to allow for easy installation on both top and bottom tank radiators as well as crossflow radiators,” said Fred Garza, national sales manager, Maradyne High Performance Fans. “This allows installers to easily drill holes for bolting the flanges to the U-channels of the radiator, eliminating the need for special bracketry.”

The Mach Two Series is available in a side-flanged model (part # MM22KS) and a top/bottom flanged option (part # MM22KT).

Maradyne high performance fans are made from all glass-filled nylon construction and feature concentric rings that prevent the blades from flexing as they achieve maximum RPM. All fans are dynamically balanced to provide smooth operation, less noise and longer life for the motor.