Dodge HVAC Heater Doors

Ram Heater Treater heater doors

Heater replacement doors cure HVAC ills on most Ram pickups and SUVs; saves money with DIY install


No heat or A/C in your pickup? Chances are it’s caused by a common HVAC blend-door failure.

The blend door is a small plastic flap inside your truck that regulates the flow of air through the heater core.

It’s a small, inexpensive part, but it’s buried in the heater box.

Dealer repairs can cost more than a $1,000 because the fix usually entails removing a good portion of the dash and draining the AC system and radiator in order to remove the heater box.

Then the broken blend doors are usually replaced with the same weak, poorly-designed part that failed in the first place.

Heater Treater‘s replacement blend doors gives pickup owners a far easier and cheaper fix that anybody with basic mechanical skills can do.

The Heater Treater repair often takes as little as an hour to complete.

The new blend doors, which are made from much heavier-duty components, have been thoroughly-tested, offer a 100% success rate across thousands of vehicles.

Heater Treat also provides customer support, detailed written instructions and video demonstrations of their new product.

Contact: Heater Treater; [email protected]