Backbone Rack install

Backbone Headache Rack Install

Project Bedrock gets a Backbone  


by Bruce W. Smith

We wanted Project Bedrock to be practical, yet energize the imagination a little.

So when we went looking for a cool headache rack there wasn’t any doubt Backbone’s new angle on the old headache rack was going to be our choice.

Backbone’s  headache racks are available in multiple configurations and are custom sized for any configuration.

They can be mounted with long or short bed rails, and with or without a the rear screen, which they call the Skullscreen.

We chose to go with the short rails, or “Baby Backs,” and the custom Skullscreen screen made from a single  plate of solid quarter inch aluminum and polished to a mirror finish.

As Backbone’s Damon Maxwell says, “Our one-off piece of brain armor will keep you and your cab safe and sound.

“Backbone’s bed rails are smart, simple and straightforward, protecting the bed and the rear window. They also maximize cargo control with tie-down points along the upper rail, down the sides and along the ribs.

Backbone’s headache rack comes with lighted “BB” rail end-caps. Pretty slick for a contractor’s truck.

The custom-made headache racks are available in your choice of polish or powder coat finishes. We chose a combination to go with Project Bedrock’s black and silver theme (any Oakland Raider fans out there!).

Truck Supply & Outfitters handled the installation for us. The installation instructions with the  kit are the best we’ve ever seen, so it made the install that much easier.

It took a couple hours as the end caps are also lighted, so when you hit the brakes or the turn signals, the “BB” lights up to let everyone know you’ve got Backbone as well as one fine contractor’s pickup.

The images in the gallery below highlight the installation process and the Backbone quality.

Contact: BackBone Truck Accessories; 877-992-2252