New diesel truck torque converter available

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Updated Sep 12, 2013

Precision Industries has released a new torque converter specially designed for diesel pickup trucks.

The company says its new design provides finer tuning of torque converter performance than is possible with other converters.

The ZX Stator is intended to increase torque, power and prevent torque converter blade failure common in aftermarket torque converters used in extreme conditions.

The unit is constructed from alloy steel and designed for heavy-duty, diesel truck applications.

The ZX Stator is a new addition to Precision Industries’ line of heavy duty and high performance diesel torque converters, which includes the Stallion, Viper and Vigilante.

Precision Industries specializes in high-performance, aftermarket torque converters for a wide range of vehicles. The Vigilante, Viper, Stallion and Dragon Torque Converters are available for many domestic cars and trucks. They also offer converters designed for high-performance diesel trucks.