Sheriff looking for truck driver after load loss nearly impales another driver

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Securing a load can be a matter of life and death.

Just ask a Michigan truck driver who was nearly impaled by a steel beam that fell off a flatbed that was traveling in front of him recently on Interstate 96 in Williamston, Mich.

Johnnie Lowe, who was scheduled to pick up a load for DNC Logistics in Lansing, had that trip cut short last Thursday when a roughly six-foot long beam fell off a flatbed and blasted through his windshield, stopping just inches from his chest thanks to the truck’s dash and steering wheel which absorbed much of the impact.

“It folded the dash and the steering wheel so the piece of steel was sitting on the lip of the dash,” Lowe told WDIV. “I’m one lucky man. I feel like I need to play the lottery.”

Lowe managed to safely pull the 26-foot long Hino box truck over to the shoulder of the road and call law enforcement. Though he wasn’t injured, Lowe said he later vacuumed glass out of his ears at home. The Ingham County Sheriff’s Office is hoping for additional information that will lead to the driver of the flatbed who did not pull over following the accident.