WABCO announces 2019 Demo Days

WABCO announced that it is taking its technologies on the road with its continuing series of demo days across the U.S.

WABCO Demo Days, which the company started more than two decades ago, allow customers to experience the company’s technologies on vehicles in on-road situations.

WABCO’s 2019 Demo Days program recently visited Fontana, Calif., and Portland, Ore.

Demo Days are scheduled May 8 at the Arvest Ballpark in Springdale, Ark. and May 15 at the Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove, Wisc.  WABCO will round out its 2019 program with Demo Days in October in greater Pittsburgh, Pa., and Charlotte, N.C.

Iaa2018 New Maxx Press Graphic Hr 01Demo Days are held at different venues, including racetracks and other open locations, to allow WABCO test drivers to operate the trucks in various driving scenarios, including wet and low-visibility conditions.

“Demo Days provide a unique opportunity for truck and trailer manufacturers and fleet owners to sit in the cab of a truck equipped with WABCO technologies,” said Mark Melletat, fleet sales and service leader at WABCO. “This allows our customers to see, feel and experience the safety benefits of WABCO technologies first-hand before deciding to purchase them.”

Highlighted technologies on the 2019 Demo Days tour include WABCO’s:

  • MAXXUS air disc brakes (ADBs) – designed for consistent brake performance under extreme conditions;
  • OnGuardACTIVE â€“ WABCO’s advanced emergency braking system that helps to mitigate impending rear-end collisions, even in low visibility conditions;
  • OnSide â€“ a radar-based blind spot detection system that assists drivers merging into adjacent, passenger side lanes by checking them for clearance; and
  • Active steering technology – which provides lateral steering control, easing vehicle handling, improving safety, and enhancing driver comfort.

Trained and certified WABCO drivers take trucks through the paces, with customers in the passenger seat demonstrating how active braking, active steering, stability control and other technologies help keep drivers, passengers and their equipment safe.

“What most of our customers really connect with is live demonstrations—not just videos, not just presentations, but the physical, real-life experience of getting in vehicles and experiencing our products at work,” said Melletat.

Jon Morrison, Americas president at WABCO said, “Safety is paramount, and our products and systems lead the industry in improving vehicle safety and efficiency as well as driver effectiveness,” said Jon Morrison, Americas president at WABCO.  “At the same time, these technology advancements are important building blocks to the autonomous commercial vehicles of the future.”

In addition to trained drivers, WABCO Demo Days feature experts who can answer questions about its products, including technical specifications and service requirements, and WABCO’s Technology Showcase Trailer with displays and demonstrations of its industry-leading products.

Anyone interested in attending one of WABCO’s Demo Days Programs is encouraged to register at:  https://www.wabco-auto.com/na-demo-roadshow/