NCDOT says ignore GPS and avoid traveling through North Carolina

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Updated Sep 22, 2018

North Carolina Department of Transportation has advised that motorists ignore GPS data and avoid traveling through the state as water levels continue to rise and submerge major roads brought on by heavy rains from Hurricane Florence.

Here’s the special advisory issued by NCDOT:

Due to flooding in southern and eastern NC and potential landslides in the west, NCDOT advises that motorists not travel through NC.  Several sections of I-95 and I-40 are flooded.
Travel should be completely avoided in areas south of US 64 and east of I-73/I-74.  As the situation is rapidly changing NCDOT is doing our best to report these closures but recognizes that we are not yet aware of all closures, therefore we advise not to travel in these areas.

Flooding is beginning to affect travel in central North Carolina.
GPS systems are routing users into areas NCDOT is not recommending for travel.

Transportation officials in South Carolina have also been busy advising the public of road closures and dumping loads of dirt to help control flooding (Tweet posted below).