Uber releases new self-driving truck video

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Updated Jul 9, 2017
Uber ATG is reporting that it remains dedicated to developing self-driving truck technology.Uber ATG is reporting that it remains dedicated to developing self-driving truck technology.

While Uber executives continue to leave the challenge-laden transportation company, its self-driving truck program, under the company’s Advanced Technology Group, is apparently driving full-steam ahead.

Next to its recently posted self-driving truck video on YouTube, Uber ATG reports, “The truck team has been hard at work integrating some of the technology developed by ATG, and upgraded trucks are now being driven on highways around San Francisco by our trained drivers. There’s a lot more to come. Stay tuned!”

Uber ATG also reports that it’s hiring.

The announcements follow several high-profile changes at the top of the company’s ranks, including the resignation last month of Uber founder and CEO Travis Kalanick.

About two weeks prior to Kalanick’s resignation, Hard Working Trucks had asked Uber if it’s self-driving truck goals remained intact despite ongoing challenges, including a lawsuit from autonomous truck competitor Waymo, lawsuits alleging gender bias within the company, a first quarter loss of $708 million and the resignation of its head of finance, Gautum Gupta.

“Uber remains fully committed to building a self-driving truck product. The truck team is hard at work improving the technology and we are looking forward to demonstrating our progress soon, so stay tuned,” a company representative wrote.

The video below shows an Uber driver sitting at the wheel of a tractor-trailer and switching the truck into autonomous mode. Though the driver’s hands leave the steering wheel, he leaves them hovering about an inch or so from the wheel, poised to snatch it back should the need arise.