Chevron advisor service eases transition into new oil categories

Updated May 2, 2017

With the transition to the new API CK-4 and FA-4 oil categories, one of the challenges is figuring out the right oils for your application.

CK-4 oils, for example, are designed for both newer engines and is backwards compatible with some older engines, while the FA-4 oils are formulated for new engines that meet the latest standards for fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions.

Within those categories, there are different viscosity grades to consider. Equipment type and operating conditions are also factors that will determine the appropriate lubricant.

Coinciding with the launch of its new API CK-4 and FA-4 oil products, Chevron has launched a new advisor service for customers and potential customers to help them during this time of transition, ensuring they select the right product for their needs.

For those looking to do the research on their own, Chevron has developed two brochures you can reference:

  1. Delo® HDMO Product Transition Brochure: this helps guide the user from the current Delo 400 API CJ-4 product to the correct recommended Delo 400 API CK-4 or API FA-4 product(s). It’s an easy guide if you are a current Delo 400 engine oil user.
  2. Delo HDMO Product Comparison Brochure: inside this brochure, there is a chart that matches each oil in the Delo 400 line to the equipment types and applications to which it is best suited; along with the performance characteristics for each product. A second chart provides a comparison overview on competitive products that can be referenced to the correct Delo 400 product. This second chart is particularly useful for those customers switching from competitor products (do note that you always want to check OEM recommendations before converting to ensure no performance issues when switching products using this chart).

As always, Chevron’s advisors are available to provide guidance and help make this transition as smooth as possible.