Stolen U-Haul trucks used in robberies

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A U-Haul dealer in Georgia says thieves are continuing to steal his trucks and use them in robberies.

The owner of Terry’s Auto Care Center and U-Haul in Lithonia said five trucks were taken on one night alone. The thefts began in October.

“They ain’t stopping at nothing,” owner Dorian McKelvey told

The stolen trucks have been used in several robberies, including smash-n-grabs where thieves crash through a store front and load up on merchandise. Another truck was used to steal an ATM.

After McKelvey learned that thieves had been getting truck keys out of a drop box attached to the side of his building, he moved the drop box inside. However, thieves busted through the wall and got the keys again. He’s now trying another approach that he hopes will prove more successful.

“I put up a slot so they can’t get in there, hopefully deter from going inside,” McKelvey said. “But if they do, I’ve got a dog waiting on them.”