Webinar next month on converting trucks to CNG

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A webinar next month will offer tips on converting refuse trucks to CNG.A webinar next month will offer tips on converting refuse trucks to CNG.

Three companies are teaming up to offer a webinar next month that will address compressed natural gas (CNG) adoption for the waste industry.

The one-hour webinar, titled “Tackling the Challenges of CNG Adoption for the Waste Industry,” will start at 1 p.m. Central on March 23. It’s being hosted by Broadwind-SAFE, Hexagon Composites and Agility Fuel Systems.

A presenter from each company will offer insights on how to avoid common obstacles and mistakes when converting your fleet to CNG; follow a road map to success based on lessons learned and best practice case studies; reduce unplanned operations and maintenance while improving safety; develop best practice infrastructure and equipment to enable fleet conversion; and come up with critical questions to consider before getting started.

Semi-technical to technical professionals including engineers, operations and purchasing professionals should participate, or anyone evaluating natural gas stations for fleet including waste, transit, trucking or public vehicles are encouraged to attend.

The three presenters have a wide range of experiences in CNG and other energy industries.

Joseph Reisinger, vice-president of Broadwind Energy, has nearly 15 years experience in the nuclear, gas and steam power generation and capital finance markets. Reisinger is leading Broadwind’s expansion into the CNG market.

Aaron Lay is the director of sales at Agility Fuel Systems where he oversees day-to-day sales activities.  Lay has worked within the refuse & trucking industries including natural gas technology, chassis specification, vehicle integration, and new business development.

Brad Moutray is a senior design engineer for the CNG Automotive Products division at Hexagon Composites in Lincoln Nebraska. Since joining Hexagon in 2008, Moutray has been responsible for designing composite overwrapped pressure vessels. He has been the lead engineer on many projects, has been a key contributor to continuous improvement efforts, and has provided technical support for business development. Moutray now oversees the design of all CNG and Hydrogen Automotive pressure vessels.

Those interested in attending the webinar are asked to register at Broadwind’s website.