Company working on ‘drop-in’ NatGas DT engine

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Minneapolis, Minn.-based diesel engine re-manufacturer Reviva has formed a strategic alliance with Omnitek Engineering Corporation to produce a “drop-in” natural gas engine replacement for Navistar DT 466E and DT 530E truck engines.

The unit will be able to operate with compressed natural gas (CNG), liquified natural gas (LNG) or propane, but Reviva President Josh Stahl says CNG is the preferred fuel. 

Stahl says the companies targeted the medium-duty Navistar engine based on some pre-existing groundwork laid in the segment by a company that has since gone out of business. 

“Another company had worked prior to us for beverage fleets, to help them convert the 466 to natural gas,” he says. “So there is a little more infrastructure there, and there are some customers with an already natural gas converted DT.”

The companies plan to offer additional engine models at a later time, but will maintain a focus on the medium-duty segment. 

“Growth would be dictated by the voice of the customer,” Stahl says. “The Mack E7 would make a lot of sense, being in the refuse market and natural gas’ presence in that segment.”

Omnitek says it expects to ship the remanufactured Navistar natural gas engines later this year. 

Stahl also didn’t rule out eventually picking up the mantle for a large bore natural gas engine recently dropped by Westport, when the company announced plans to cease production and sales of its 15 liter engine. 

“I would like to think that we might at some point,” he says in developing a high-horsepower NatGas engine, “but right now we’re working with re-manufactured engines.”