New QuickJack portable lifts raise vehicles faster and higher

QuickJack 5000TL portable lift
QuickJack's new TL Series offers a range of lifts for cars and light trucks.

QuickJack announced that it’s improved nearly all of its portable vehicle lifts to offer greater lifting height and versatility.

QuickJack lifts are compact, frame-engaging models with an open-center design that allows for complete access to the vehicle’s undercarriage. 

The new QuickJack TL Series lifts provide an additional three inches of lifting height over the outgoing SLX models for a full two feet or more of ground clearance. The increased lifting height allows for improved access and working room under the vehicle for maintenance and repair tasks, plus it offers better ergonomics for wheel work and detailing.

“We invented QuickJack to give customers a faster, safer lifting alternative to floor jacks, stands or ramps without the expense or massive space requirements of a permanently installed lift,” said Jeff Kritzer, BendPak executive vice president.

 “The original QuickJack design was an immediate hit with consumers and professionals alike,” Kritzer continued. “Now, our product design and engineering team has made this professional-grade lift line even better, adding rise height while maintaining the compact, portable package our customers love.”

The new QuickJack TL line includes four models to handle everything from cars to light trucks:

5000TL: 5,000 lbs. capacity, 24-in. lifting height, 70-in. frame, 3-in. lowered height

5000TLX: 5,000 lbs. capacity, 24-in. lifting height, 76-in. frame, 3-in. lowered height

7000TL: 7,000 lbs. capacity, 24.25-in. lifting height, 70.75-in. frame, 3.5-in. lowered height

7000TLX: 7,000 lbs. capacity, 24.5-in. lifting height, 76-in. frame, 3.5-in. lowered height

All QuickJack TL models feature pendant controls for one-handed operation, dual-position automatic safety locks and durable urethane wheels to make it easy to roll the lift.

Each lift reaches its full height in 30 seconds. When the job is done, the lifts collapse to 3 to 3.5 inches high and can hang on a wall, slide under a toolbox, or go into the trunk until next time. 

All QuickJack TL jacks are backed by a standard one-year warranty and priced under $2,000 with free shipping in the continental U.S.

Customers who currently have QuickJack SL models can upgrade their lifts to get the additional rise by purchasing new TL frame assemblies.