2023 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel scores 'Green Truck of the Year'

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2023 Ram EcoDiesel
Score two for Stellantis! 2023 Ram EcoDiesel was awarded Green Car Journal's 2023 Green Truck of the Year while the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe plug-in hybrid was named the 2023 Green 4x4 of the Year.

Diesel is typically a word uttered in sheer disdain by green car aficionados, so it came as quite a surprise to see that the 2023 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel was awarded Green Truck of the Year by Green Car Journal, a publication more widely known for its articles on EVs, fuel cells and gaseous fuels.

Seriously, try Googling ‘diesel truck wins environmental award.’ First page search results served up only the 2023 Ram EcoDiesel and Scania trucks from 2014 which won a German environmental award for the clean-running Euro 6 engine.

Diesel engineers have done enormously impressive work through the years cleaning up the world’s most fuel-efficient workhorses so it was good to see that Ram was recognized for its work on the EcoDiesel—even though the engine will be making its final run in a Ram pickup this January. Better late, then never.

“The Ram 1500 continues to be an undeniable force in the pickup field,” said Ron Cogan, editor and publisher of Green Car Journal and GreenCarJournal.com. “It’s stylish, comfortable, and connected in ways appreciated by those who drive their Ram pickups for everyday personal use. Yet it’s also a workhorse with considerable hauling and towing capabilities. Importantly, the Ram 1500 offers power choices that include efficient eTorque hybrid technology for higher mpg and lower carbon emissions.” 

Okay, so Cogan doesn’t mention EcoDiesel’s impressive fuel economy at 32 mpg highway for 4x2 and 29 mpg for 4x4, and come to think of it, he doesn’t mention EcoDiesel at all in that quote, it’s still a noteworthy win for oil burners.

Hopefully, Cogan and other auto writers will learn more about the big gains diesel has made and continues to make in terms of fuel efficiency and emissions reductions. Let’s not forget that Achates in San Diego reports near-zero NOx in its 10.7-liter opposed-piston, two-stroke diesel which is currently being piloted by Walmart.

Eaton and Tenneco also announced meeting stringent 2027 NOx requirements with a diesel-fueled exhaust burner. Think of it…using diesel to improve diesel emissions. That’s pretty amazing. And I’m sure there will be more good news to come.