Knapheide visits Brinkman Plumbing in Quincy, Illinois

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In this day-in-the-life video released Tuesday, Knapheide visits with Brinkman Plumbing Contractors in Quincy, Ill.

The family-owned business, which started in 1991, has gone from one truck to over 30 and employs around 30 people. Services include underground plumbing, residential repairs, commercial work and heavy industry plumbing.

Brinkman has regularly spec’d its trucks through Knapheide to include 18-inch wide compartments, tread plate overlay and a canopy roof.

“We run them 15 to 20 years and roll one out every year,” said Brinkman owner James Brinkman.

In the video, Knapheide bodies are depicted mostly on Ford and GMC chassis cabs.