Runaway trash truck crashes into A Beautiful Mess store

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It’s bad enough being the driver of a runaway garbage truck—even worse when it plows into a store called A Beautiful Mess.

You just can’t make this stuff up. Here’s what happened…

The driver of refuse truck stopped at a gas station this morning in Henrietta, N.Y. to use the restroom. While he was in the restroom, his truck rolled away.

“The guy that had the truck came out of the bathroom looking confused,” T.J. Rauber, a Sunoco employee told

Rauber said the driver took off running after the truck, which had passed between two fuel pumps, crossed E. Henrietta Road and crashed into a 200-year-old brick building that houses a gift shop called A Beautiful Mess.

“They crashed into my dream,” A Beautiful Mess owner Jeri Flack said.

When the truck slammed into the side of the store’s brick wall, it dislodged several bricks, shattered a window and damaged the roof.

Flack said the damage is so severe that she had to close her store, which she had been preparing for the holidays.

“Christmas is coming,” she said. “I got new products and customers keep calling.”

Flack, who said she’ll be losing a $1,000 a day each day that the store is closed, will be contacting the Syracuse-based refuse company about the damages.