Mack recalling 2011-2018 TerraPro, LR over alternator cable fire risk

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Updated May 11, 2017

An alternator cable which poses a fire risk has led Mack Trucks to issue a voluntary recall for certain 2011-2018 TerraPro and LR trucks.

Mack reports that the alternator cable on effected trucks may be incorrectly sized and could lead to overheating and possibly a fire. However, to date Mack has received no reports of overheating or fires.

“Mack Trucks considers this as a proactive measure to protect the public and our customers from the potential risk associated with this defect,” the company states in the NHTSA recall.

Effected cables may show signs of overheating, such as insulation degradation.

The recall applies to 3,282 trucks, or roughly 10 percent of TerraPro and LR models manufactured between July 15, 2010 through April 7, 2017.

Dealers and authorized service providers were notified of the recall on April 21. Owner notifications will be mailed on or before June 16.

The alternator cable on effected vehicles will be replaced with the correctly-sized cable.