Garbage truck converted to ultimate tailgate party machine

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Updated Aug 29, 2014

Few things inspire ingenuity like football, and this guy is an absolute genius. 

A marketing tool for Waste Connections, a refuse collection company who also assists in recycling duties for the University of Tennessee, the ultimate football party wagon was born from a decommissioned garbage truck. If you can get past the fact that countess dirty diapers, gallons of rancid chicken juice and tons of old coffee grounds once bounced off where this guy’s buffet station currently sits then you could party yourself crazy on game day. 

[youtube RMjQbsT6UNI nolink]

Decked out in full Tennessee Vol orange (really the only thing wrong with this truck) the unit is equipped with a flat screen TV, entertainment center, grill, coolers, kegarators and more.

I’ve seen old school busses converted into a really awesome mobile tailgate party, but I think Waste Connections wins.