Xora expands mobile workforce management suite

XORA Smartview 3

Xora’s new release of its flagship mobile workforce management solution gives managers and mobile workers a powerful new way to accurately track and analyze mileage, routes and costs, the company says.

Specifically, the latest version of Xora StreetSmart adds Mileage Manager to the package. And with this new capability, mobile workers equipped with the associated Trips mobile app are able to track and submit mileage and related trip expenses more easily than ever before, according to Xora. 

“The addition of Mileage Manager is really a game changer for our customers,” says Tom Miltonberger, vice president of products and engineering for Xora. “Now our customers can better track and analyze expenses and reduce the overall trip related costs faster and more effectively.”

Managers gain greater visibility into expected versus actual routes by comparing odometer, GPS and Google suggested routes. Mileage Manager supports IRS requirements with configurable trip categories, purpose and reimbursement rates. With these new capabilities companies are able to manage and analyze mileage costs, billing and reimbursements, says Xora.

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Xora StreetSmart is a suite of configurable mobile apps, plus a web-based management application. The mobile apps turn any mobile phone or tablet into a powerful productivity tool. The management application is designed to let managers and office personnel analyze performance for better decision-making.

The Mileage Manager tool streamlines mileage and expense submission and analysis. Mobile timesheets save time and reduce errors. Mobile forms and mobile jobs reduce phone tag and manual paperwork. Photo and electronic-signature capture provide proof of service.

In addition to Mileage Manager, this release of Xora StreetSmart includes new and improved mobile device insights, Xora says. 

Available in this release are a Device Status Log, new device battery level indicators and alerts that enable managers to proactively identify and resolve issues that arise with mobile devices in the field and improve the way these devices are used for maximum productivity.

“Having the extra information on mobile device status will be great.,” says Phyllis Nykamp, the director of IT NES Rentals. “We use a lot of iPhones and can see exactly what’s going on so that supervisors can instruct their workers on how to fix mobile device issues when they arise.” 

NES Rentals, which handles construction equipment, uses Xora to keep track of inventory in 80 locations across 30 states and to be more responsive to its customers.

Likewise, Geese Police uses Xora to track time on each job, GPS locations and timesheets for its mobile workers. The pest control company that works with border collies to clear Canadian Geese from client properties in New Jersey.

“The battery level indicators and alerts will help us to better understand device issues,” says Lillian Gee, system administrator at Geese Police. “This will really help us minimize the amount of time spent troubleshooting the phones.”  

Indeed, running a mobile workforce means managers need to be able to address the challenges inherent in mobile devices and communications – from battery life to carrier coverage and GPS limitations, Xora’s Miltonberger adds.

“We understand how these issues can impact a mobile workforce and are excited to offer new capabilities to better equip our customers to ensure top performance and productivity from their mobile devices and teams,” he says.

Xora serves more than 16,000 organizations and bills itself as North America’s #1 market leader in mobile workforce management.