Dump truck stuck at bottom of underground river

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Sometimes it’s hard to tell where it’s safe to drive a dump truck.

That was the case for a driver this week in Brockton, Mass. who was driving a public works truck that ended up in an underground river.

Underground river? Yes. A bridge that had once spanned the river in downtown Brockton was removed and replaced with an underground culvert in the late 1800s, according to enterprisenews.com. The culvert was then paved.

Unfortunately for the driver on the road above, he found out the hard way that the old culvert could not support the weight of his truck. As he backed over the top of it, the structure gave way and sent his truck down into the water. It’s not clear if the driver knew that the culvert was under the road.

Thankfully no one was hurt save for the truck which took about three hours to remove.