Truck brakes were reportedly smoking prior to fiery crash

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Bad brakes are apparently to blame after a tractor hauling a load of dirt in Santa Cruz, Calif. slammed into the back of 20 cars injuring 11 people including the truck’s driver.

Witnesses reported seeing the brakes on the truck smoking prior to this morning’s fiery accident on Highway 1 and River Street.

The truck and another vehicle caught fire. The truck, which had been operating out of San Jose, was carrying a dump trailer filled with dirt and traveling around 30 to 40 mph when it slammed into vehicles stopped in traffic.

“With all the carnage, this is one of the worst ones I’ve seen,” Sgt. Grant Bowles told “Thankfully, no one was killed.”

Bowles said an initial investigation revealed that the truck’s brakes had failed. The truck was also being checked to determine if it was overweight.