Truck ban coming for Pennsylvania Road

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A road in Pennsylvania will be off-limits to large commercial trucks following frequent accidents there.

Gordon Mountain Road in Schuylkill County with its signs warning truckers of a nine percent grade has seen its share of tractor-trailer accidents, with three alone in the month of September, according to

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and Gordon borough officials announced that they’ve decided to shut the road down this summer to truckers who sometimes travel there off exit 119 on Interstate 81.

A ban had already been in place preventing trucks hauling more than 19 tons from traveling the steep road. However, residents, state and borough officials say the law’s been largely ignored.

Government officials have not yet defined which types of commercial trucks will be banned from the road. County and state officials will be meeting to discuss the ban and how to implement it, which will include posting signs and imposing fines.

Residents living at the bottom of Gordon Mountain Road report seeing dozens of accidents through the years. Compounding the angst of some residents are stories of the road being haunted.

Google map of Gordon Road