New trailer from Doonan

Updated Sep 16, 2015

Doonan Specialized Trailer LLC, introduces its recent design and build of a New Specialty Coil Hauler trailer.

The new custom 48 ft. x 96 in. Black Gold Coil Hauler trailer was developed specifically for hauling steel coils shotgun style (where the eye of the coil is facing forward), recessed inside a well, for the factor that coils can pack a punch if they get loose, the company says.

Designed with two outer perimeter beams with 1 in. x 5 in. top and bottom flanges, Doonan says the trailer features a well opening in the center that measures 19 ft. long x 76 in. wide, with recessed concave beams to safely secure the coil load.

Coils are generally some of the toughest types of freight to haul because of their concentrated weight in one small area on the trailer. One of the many advantages of Doonan’s trailer design is that Doonan has engineered the coil well closer to the axles, in order to transfer more weight onto the trailer axles, the company says. Coils can range in size from something relatively small like 5,000 lbs., to over 60,000 lbs. Doonan says its new trailer’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is 98,000 lbs. The GVWR is based on a tri-axle trailer with disc brakes.

The trailer is also designed to have a tarp system installed, Doonan says, so the coils are protected from the elements and arrive at their destination safe and sound. Nine custom pockets were installed along the sides of the trailer for this application.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the design and weight this trailer can hold,” says Mike Gordy, co-manager of Operations at Doonan. â€śThis new Specialty trailer demonstrates our commitment and focus on taking our products to the next level, and providing customers with innovative solutions that lead the industry.”