New low-clearance heavy haul trailer

Updated Sep 11, 2015

Talbert Manufacturing has a new Air Ramp/Air Tilt Series, including the 20-ton capacity AC-20-ART and 25-ton capacity AC3-25-ART, for easy loading of low-clearance equipment, such as soil and asphalt rollers.

The units air controls provide additional operator safety when raising and lowering the trailer for loading, and its low deck height offers a superior view of the equipment and surroundings.

“We received several requests for heavy-duty, tilt-deck trailers with a reduced load angle,” said Troy Geisler, Talbert’s vice president of sales and marketing. “Because of that, we developed the ART series as the heavy-haul solution. The trailers provide operators maximum view of the equipment and surroundings and feature the lowest loading height available in the industry.”

The series features a seven degree load angle, and operators use the trailer’s controls, which uses air power to fill bags near the front of the trailer to raise the deck and lower the ramps to the ground. The air-powered ramps eliminate handling heavy ramps and using cranes or other equipment to position loads. Operators drive equipment over the 38-inch-wide, high-density Apitong wood-filled ramps and onto the trailer deck. The unit’s wheels rest on the gripped floor plates over the trailer wheels for weight balance. Once the equipment is loaded, operators use the controls to return the ramps to the upright position.

The low 8-inch headboard and 33-inch deck height provide operators with a view of the equipment and surroundings to maximize safe operations. The low deck height also provides additional clearance for bridges and tunnels when transporting tall equipment. Plus, it allows haulers to expand the range of equipment transported while complying with U.S. and Canadian hauling requirements.

An air brake system and hutch spring suspension provide load control and improved driver comfort. Operators secure loads by using safety chains with hooks that latch to tie-down rings on top of the outside beams. The ART Series trailers come standard with Valspar R-Cure 800 paint in Talbert’s signature red or black. Customers can add the optional Valspar AquaGuard for additional corrosion protection.