Pete offers online spec’ing tool for 579

Pick a color. Select a sleeper, or go with a day cab. Fine tune your Paccar MX-13 engine ratings.

Make the Model 579 of your desire with a new configurator tool available at recently introduced by Peterbilt Motors Company.

“The new online configurator lets users build their own Model 579 in a fun, immersive way,” says Todd Acker, Peterbilt’s director of marketing. “Whether you’re a truck owner or an enthusiast, the configurator lets you virtually design and customize your truck, save and e-mail an image of it, and contact your nearest Peterbilt dealership for more details.”

Acker says the configurator tool allows users to select sleepers, interior trim packages, exterior color and axles, aerodynamic fairings, premium headlamps, bright options and performance levels for the Paccar MX-13 engine.

“At each step of the selection process, the vehicle image will change to reflect the users’ choices,” he says. “The Model 579 is one of the most exciting, successful product launches in Peterbilt’s 75-year history, and the new configurator tool is an outstanding way to explore the vehicle’s versatility and numerous customization choices to optimize fuel efficiency, performance and styling for particular applications and personal preferences.”

The configurator tool can be selected from the Web site’s home page and on the Model 579 truck page, Peterbilt says.