EPA certification delays 2017 diesel trucks, vans

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Model year 2017 diesel equipped vehicles are experiencing a longer certification process at the Environmental Protection Agency which is causing delivery delays at dealerships.

Hard Working Trucks reached out to the EPA to find out just how long it might take before certifications are complete.

“I cannot speak to timelines at this time,” EPA Communications Director Nick Conger said.

The reason for the delay?

“EPA has enhanced our testing program following the recent VW violations,” Conger explained.

With additional scrutiny focused on 2017 diesel emissions, the certification process has been extended, leaving some consumers waiting and wondering when they’ll receive their new vehicles.

Dealers can only tell customers that their vehicle is being held-up by EPA certification testing and cannot provide a time for delivery.

Though it’s unclear if this delay has impacted sales, the EPA maintains that OEMs, for the most part, have been understanding.

“In general, manufacturers have been supportive of this additional testing and have adjusted their timing to account for the additional test duration,” Conger said.