BrandFX launches composite service bodies

The BrandFX UltimateFX composite service body is lighter than aluminum.The BrandFX UltimateFX composite service body is lighter than aluminum.

BrandFX recently announced the introduction of its all-composite service truck bodies.

The EverLast UltimateFX and the UtilityFX both offer lightweight, corrosion-free storage solutions that are designed to take on tough jobs.

BrandFX reports that the EverLast UltimateFX is lighter than aluminum, tough as steel, and ultimately corrosion and oxidation free.

“Made possible through the latest advances in composite chemistry and structural design, the UltimateFX is purpose-built to handle all worksite conditions and is the latest in the line of BrandFX’s state of the art composite truck service bodies,” BrandFX states in its press release.

As the only complete composite service truck body on the market, the UltimateFX offers the greatest lifecycle value available, providing 20-plus years of corrosion-free service life.

The reduction in weight also saves on fuel and maintenance costs. The lighter weight lessens stress forced on tires, brakes and suspension systems.

Like all BrandFX products, the UtilityFX was built to withstand up to 20 years of continual use.

This all-new utility service unit eliminates the need to purchase ordinary full-size vans; when it’s time to replace the vehicle, the UtilityFX can be removed and reinstalled.  Additionally, even after extensive use, the advanced composite body will remain in a like-new condition. The UtilityFX is available in 15-inch deep x 42-inch high packs, as well as a 36-inch canopy above pack and 124-inch long body.