Terex offering new, cost-effective clean idle solution

The HyPower Idle Mitigation system by Terex offers a cost-effective, clean idle solution.The HyPower Idle Mitigation system by Terex offers a cost-effective, clean idle solution.

Terex Utilities will feature its latest clean energy innovation in the HyPower Hybrid System for aerial devices at The Work Truck Show next month in Indianapolis, Ind.

“HyPower IM, an idle mitigation solution, provides a reliable, cost-effective way for fleet managers of commercial or government fleets to meet their green fleet initiatives,” said Joe Caywood, Director of Marketing.

HyPower IM’s patent-pending design offers a lighter weight system that reduces fuel usage and exhaust emissions, at a lower price point than other hybrid systems. Cost efficient solutions that reduce emissions are a focus of the Green Truck Summit at the Work Truck Show.

“The potential annual fuel savings is estimated to be about 1,500 gallons per unit with an investment cost that is approximately one-third less than current competitive hybrid systems. Those two benefits together add up to a great value for our customers,” Caywood said.

In addition, HyPower IM can potentially eliminate up to 12 tons of CO2 annually per unit with the cab comfort and boom integration.

“We listened to fleet & operations managers when designing HyPower IM to make it efficient and operator-friendly,” said Tyler Henderson, Product Development Manager.

HyPower IM automatically switches from battery-stored power when the truck is in idling mode to engine-supplied power when hydraulic controls are engaged. Aerial device operators do not have to remember to engage the system to gain the benefit of utilizing the battery power system as it is integrated into the unit. In addition, the truck cab can be heated or cooled without the engine running.

Throughout an eight-hour work day, on a typical trouble truck, the aerial’s hydraulic controls are engaged for about one hour total run time, according to Terex. The system utilizes engine power during the brief intervals the boom is used. The transition is designed to be seamless and operators experience no lag time in hydraulic responsiveness. The HyPower IM design also features a best in class overall system weight which assists in chassis selection & payload capacity.

HyPower IM can be ordered with new Terex aerial devices or retrofitted on existing fleets using Terex devices. It is currently available for Class 5 Chassis, such as Ford, Dodge, and GM trucks, used with Terex Hi-Ranger telescopic aerial devices, such as the LT, LTM and TL series aerial devices. It will be displayed at The Work Truck Show on an LT40 Hi-Ranger Articulating Telescopic Aerial Device. The HyPower IM LT40 features a 45.6 ft. working height and 26.6 ft. horizontal reach, with 400 lbs. platform capacity.

HyPower IM is a 48v Lithium ion battery system that charges from either a standard 120V plug in or the 12v chassis engine alternator during road travel. HyPower IM uses fewer, high efficiency batteries versus other hybrid systems. This decreases the overall vehicle weight, providing additional payload capacity, while still allowing for maximum fuel efficiency for customers.

See HyPower IM at The Work Truck Show, March 15-17 in Indianapolis, Ind., at Booth #5359 or visit https://info.terex.com/hypoweriminfo for more information.