Six wheel spec’ing considerations

CT_91831_Black_AngleProper spec’ing your vehicles’ wheels can be relatively simple and straightforward by following a manufacturer’s recommendations to achieve the longest life and performance from your wheels. 

Maxion Wheels, the world’s largest manufacturer of lightweight steel wheels, suggests fleet equipment specifiers can make wheels a ‘non-issue’ if they’d follow these spec’ing considerations to achieve long wheel life:

  • Tire size and maximum air inflation
  • Loads to be carried – wheel-carrying capacity
  • Duty cycle – line haul, off-road, delivery stop and start
  • Axle pound rating
  • Warranty – Maxion Wheels feature five-year coverage and availability nationwide
  • Field service support from your wheel supplier

To keep wheels clean and provide long-life and performance, most fleets have wheels refurbished. It’s recommended that fleets closely review the vendor’s refurbishing procedures, emphasizing proper inspection, cleaning and re-painting of the wheels. Two key details in refurbishment: controlling paint mil thickness in the mounting area of the disc face and ensuring paint is fully cured.

Corrosion remains a concern for fleets operating in harsh service environments, particularly on roads treated for snow or ice. One option to combat this severe service situation is to specify wheels with premium paint finishes.

 “Pay attention to the basics,” said Maxion’s director of North American sales, Denny Weisend. “Proper spec’ing and maintenance will enable the wheels to last the life of the vehicle.”

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