Double Coin launches fleet program

Double Coin Tires and CMA has launched the company’s new Smart Money Fleet Program for national fleet accounts.

Double Coin’s Smart Money Fleet Program allows medium and large-sized fleets to purchase high-quality and competitively priced Double Coin TBR and ROTR products at over 1,000 points of sale locations across North America through the Smart Money Fleet Program website.

Participants will have full 24/7 online access to their account anywhere in the country.

“With shrinking margins, we know every little bit counts, which is why we created the Smart Money Fleet Program,” says Walt Weller, Vice President of CMA. “This type of service program along with the high quality tires that Double Coin provides, allow customers to manage their maintenance programs wisely.”

In an effort to streamline the accounting process, whether a customer makes a purchase from an authorized service center or truck stop, all billing will be consolidated and come from Double Coin, the company says. As a participant of the program, customers will not need to make a payment at the point of purchase. Instead, the program will give the customer the ability to place any charges for products and services that Double Coin offers against the account, rather than paying at the service location, the company says. The program also includes an OEM specification allowance for vehicles ordered with Double Coin tires.


Summary: New program will allow online purchasing through locations nationwide.